3Shape Lab Scanner D750

It is able to scan gypsum casts as well as a multiple number of single constructions from different clinical cases.

The scanner works with 2 cameras х 1,3Мр, Blue LED light

Time for scanning of single crown is 25 sec, and for 3-unit bridge - 55 sec.

The accuracy of scanning of crowns and bridges is 10 µm, and for Implant Bars - 12 µm.

3Shape is equipped with computer control and dental software Dental SystemTM Premium, which prepares and connects to .stl files. The software is able to generate single caps, full-contour anatomic crowns, bridge constructions, gingival mask, inlays, onlays, veneers, temporary constructions, virtual diagnostic casts, telescopic crowns, custom trays, protectors.

3D Printer Rapid Shape D30

The 3D printer is an open system which is used in collaboration with the laboratory 3D scanner of 3Shape.

It is able to print models, custom trays, surgical guides, temporary crowns and bridges, gingival masks, denture bases, protectors.

The accompanying software is able to work with .stl files. The equipment includes also an apparatus for additional polymerization after the process of printing.

The 3D printer’s working process is based upon layered structuring of the model by photopolymerization of photopolymers. The set of the materials consists of:

  • NextDent Base – material for denture bases;
  • NextDent CB A3,5 – for temporary crowns and bridges with color A3,5;
  • NextDent Model – for model fabrication;

  • NextDent Model Ortho – for fabrication of orthodontic models;
  • NextDent SG Orange – for surgical guides;
  • NextDent Blue, Pink – for custom trays.

Specification of 3D Printer Rapid Shape D30:

  • Light source: LED;
  • Working platform 110mm / 62mm;
  • Maximum height of the construction: 85mm;
  • Resolution: HD 1080 х 1920 px;

  • Accuracy: +/- 29 µm;
  • Power supply: 110-250 V, 50/60 Hz;
  • Outputs: USB, Ethernet.